Vacation time is travel time!

Are you planning a trip?

Whether it’s a beach holiday in the Mediterranean, hiking in Austria, a cruise in the Caribbean, diving in Egypt, a trekking tour in the Himalayas, stays abroad as part of your studies or a long trip around the world – vaccinations can be useful and necessary for every trip, sometimes even mandatory. In addition, there are often special regional risks, e.g. from mosquitoes, animal bites, poisonous animals, other climatic and hygienic conditions and much more.

Elderly patients and patients with chronic diseases and long-term medication as well as immunodeficiency (due to illness or medication) represent a special group of travelers who need special advice. Depending on the destination and the time difference, it may be necessary to adjust your medication, for example. With comprehensive advice including travel vaccinations, we can prevent problems and you can enjoy your vacation carefree.